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Web Service (RESTful API)

IP2Location™ provides a RESTful Web Service to query for an IP address data, whether for IP geolocation or proxy detection data. With the use of RESTful, you are free from the hassle of setting up and maintaining your own IP database, not to mention the monthly update to maintain the accuracy of the data. All you need is just make a REST API call to obtain the needed data. Our server will handle the rest for you!

IP2Location™ Web Service

IP2Location™ IP Geolocation Web Service is a REST API providing a service to do a reverse IP location lookup of an IP address to an ISO3166 country code, region or state, city, latitude and longitude, ZIP/Postal code, time zone, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or company name, domain name, net speed, area code, weather station code, weather station name, mobile country code (MCC), mobile network code (MNC) and carrier brand, elevation, and usage type.

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IP2Proxy™ Web Service

The IP2Proxy™ Proxy Detection Web Service is a hosted Web Service that allows instant detection of anonymous proxy, VPN, TOR exit nodes and search engine robots (SES) by IP address. It's a REST API supporting both JSON and XML responses and provides IP location lookup information when a proxy is detected.

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